Fare rules

When flying Air New Zealand, you can choose from a variety of fares. Explore the fare rules that apply to your booking, including information on baggage allowance and changing or cancelling your flights.

Fare types differ depending on your departure and arrival countries*, and each fare type has different inclusions and flexibility so you can choose the right fare for your travel requirements.

Children under 12 years old, including babies and toddlers, are welcome onboard Air New Zealand flights. They're very special passengers, so there are a few extra rules.

When you book online, there is no booking service fee. However, if you book through our contact center, a booking service fee applies. Please note that additional fees and surcharges may apply for cancellations and changes, depending on your booked fare. These include:

  • Change fees - fees for changing your booking. This could be to a new time, date or destination.
  • Fare difference - the difference between the original fare purchased and the new flight fare. 
  • Service fees - handling charges when changes or bookings are made through our Contact Centre. These are waived if you make changes yourself online.
  • Cancellation fees – fees charged if you cancel your flight, these vary depending on your point of origin and destination and your fare type. Refer to the applicable fare rules below for details.

We'll let you know what fees your changes will incur before you decide to go ahead and change your booking.

New Zealand domestic fares

New Zealand domestic fares are for flights within New Zealand.

seat fares

seat+bag fares

flexichange fares

flexirefund fares

Other NZ domestic fares

Find out about the New Zealand domestic flight experience.

Trans-Tasman fares

Trans-Tasman fares are for flights between New Zealand and Australia, including Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, the Sunshine Coast and Sydney.

economy fares

economyflexi fares

premiumeconomy fares

premiumflexi fares

businesspremier fares

businessflexi fares

Find out about the trans-Tasman flight experience.

Pacific Islands fares

Pacific Islands fares are for flights between New Zealand and Fiji, New Caledonia, Niue, Rarotonga, Samoa, Tahiti or Tonga.

economy fares

economyflexi fares

premiumeconomy fares

premiumflexi fares

businesspremier fares

businessflexi fares

Find out about the Pacific Islands flight experience.

International long haul fares

International long haul fares are for all international flights from Korea.

Smart Saver fares

Saver fares

Flexi fares

Find out about the long haul flight experience.


Tickets purchased through the www.airnewzealand.kr and www.airnewzealand.co.kr websites are fully refundable if cancelled within 24 hours of making the reservation and the reservation is made at least 7 days (168 hours) before departure of the first flight in the itinerary.

* Note:

¹ The fare rules are only applicable on flights operated by Air New Zealand, and Air New Zealand's conditions of carriage applies.

² If you are travelling with a partner airline, the partner airline's conditions of carriage will apply.

³ For bookings ticketed by our codeshare and partner airlines, please contact the relevant airline. When booking a multi-airline journey online with us you can follow a link in the 'view details' section to see the relevant fare rules before completing your booking.