Economy Skycouch™

Space for everyone on your couch in the sky.

Feet-up or slouch? Binge-watch or snooze? Spread out in every direction with our award-winning Skycouch.

So, what is an Economy Skycouch™ exactly? It's simple.

It's your couch in the sky.

Imagine a row of Economy seats that can change into a couch after take-off. Clever, right? Comfy, too. Use the Skycouch the way you want. Sit, spread out, or lie down and snooze. Share the space with a partner or children, or keep it all for yourself. It's a world first.

The seats are the same as Economy, except you have a special footrest on each seat. You can lift them halfway up to make a footrest, or all the way up to create a large couch space.

It's private.

You won't end up sharing your Skycouch with a stranger. Whether you book a Skycouch just for you, or for two or three, you get the entire row. 

It's for everyone.

Solo traveller in need of some personal space? Young family wanting maximum comfort at minimal cost? The Skycouch caters for everyone.

The Skycouch may be shared by maximum three people. When travelling with children, an accompanying adult must be seated either on the Skycouch, adjacent across the aisle or in the row immediately behind them. Find the right combination of Skycouch and additional seats for your booking below.

Skycouch examples:

+ One or two adults

+ One adult with one or two children

+ One adult with two infants

+ Two adults with one child

+ Two adults with more than one child

It's cost-effective too.

Skycouch can be an economical way to add a little luxury to Economy. You don't pay the full price for all three seats, but you get the benefits of a three seater couch in the sky.

Please note, Skycouch prices depend on how many people will be using the Skycouch. If one person occupies the Skycouch, they will pay a higher fee than if it were occupied by two people. Like all our fares, Skycouch prices vary depending on the demand for the flight.

Ready to book?

You can add Skycouch when selecting your seats for a long haul flight online.

1. Select your flights

  • Book your flight as normal, and look for 'Skycouch on board' options.
  • The price shown is for a normal Economy seat. You can see the extra Skycouch cost when you select your seat.

2. Select a Skycouch as your seat

  • When you're selecting your seats for that flight, choose an available Skycouch.
  • We'll show you the cost to upgrade to Skycouch. If you change your mind, you can still press "Cancel" and choose a regular or standard seat.

3. Choose your configuration

  • Depending on how many people you're travelling with, you may need more than one Skycouch. We offer options for one Skycouch, Skycouch plus an Economy seat or more than one Skycouch.
  • You can see the options and total prices, and choose what's best for you.

More about Skycouch

Infant pod and infant seat belt

If you're travelling with young children, their safety is our priority. The infant harness and harness belt, and the optional infant pod are free for Skycouch customers and can be used after take-off and before landing.

  • At the start of the flight, our crew will let you know when and how to use the infant harness and harness belt with the Skycouch. The infant harness can be used when the infant is lying down or seated on the adult's lap.
  • Skycouch infant pod is an optional sleep space to keep baby secure. To use the pod your infant must fit within the height limits. Subject to availability.

What do I get with Skycouch?

When you book a Skycouch fare you get everything that Economy has to offer.

We also provide pillows, bedding and a Skycouch kit to maximise your Skycouch experience. The Skycouch kit consists of an adult/child loop belt and a cuddle belt so you can stretch out or lie down. 

How do I set up the Skycouch?

To create a comfortable lounge space, move the armrests from the middle seats and window seat all the way up.

Your cabin crew will provide you with a briefing card and briefing about how to use the Skycouch throughout the flight.

How big is a Skycouch?

With the window-end armrest up, a Skycouch is 1.55m (5ft 1") long. With the cushion and leg rests in place, it's 74cm (29") wide. That makes it a little more cosy than a standard single bed, which is usually 1.88m x 92cm (6ft 1" x 3ft).

Where are the Skycouch seats located? 

Skycouch seats are in the Economy cabin of our 777-300 and 787-9 aircraft. Seat and row numbers vary by aircraft but you can find them on our seat maps.

Which aircraft is Skycouch available? 

The Economy Skycouch™ is available on all Air New Zealand Boeing 777 and 787 long haul services, but is not offered on 777-367ER flights as aircraft cabin interiors and furnishings differ slightly.

Take a 360° tour

Drag to explore our Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Economy Skycouch

Place yourself at the centre of the Air New Zealand cabin experience and take a 360° tour*.

Please take note that for safety reasons, children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult 15 years or older when seated on a Skycouch.

When an infant is using the infant harness and is secured by the harness belt to the standard seatbelt of the window seat, the infant may lie down when the seat belt sign is on.

* The 360° panorama is of our 787-9 service. Please note when on board the 777-300 long haul services your experience may be different to what is shown in this panorama.