Inflight entertainment

Find out what entertainment is on board Air New Zealand flights.

Enjoy hours of entertainment with the latest blockbuster films, music, multi-player games, snacks and much more all from the comfort of your seat. Start your on-demand entertainment system the moment you take your seat with our gate-to-gate entertainment.*

When you fly with Air New Zealand you'll have personal on-demand entertainment screens in each seat back. We offer gate-to-gate inflight entertainment, meaning most passengers can start using their entertainment system as soon as they are on board, right through to when the plane lands. Our range of entertainment options include Hollywood blockbusters, arthouse films, comedies, and classics, as well as a full selection of TV series, documentaries, and quick-view options.

New Zealand domestic flights

Passengers receive a free "Kia Ora" magazine, a monthly publication covering travel, sport, business and lifestyle, on all domestic flights. An inflight quiz is also available through the entertainment system on domestic jet services.

You can bring on board your own entertainment such as books, magazines, portable video or gaming devices. Just make sure they meet our safety and size requirements and don't interfere with the comfort of other passengers.

Features onboard

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Movies & TV shows

From the latest blockbuster to the classics, we have an extensive range on board. Most are available to view in multiple languages. See more

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Live TV

You can now keep up with the latest news and headlines while onboard some of our international flights. After takeoff, check your seat back inflight entertainment for Live TV.

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Music, radio shows & audio books

Sit back and relax with hours of music on board, from Classical to Rock and featuring a special NZ Showcase section. See more

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Challenge yourself or play against others with a selection of fun games. Enjoy Blackjack Casino, Sudoku and Chess, Sled Jump, and more arcade, sport and trivia games. See more

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Our aim is to make flying with children and infants as easy as possible. Find out about our meals made specially for the little ones. On board, children have their very own section selection of entertainment with movies, TV programmes, games and audio books available via our inflight entertainment system. See more

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Order onboard

Most passengers with us will receive complimentary food and drinks included in their tickets. For passengers flying Trans-Tasman or to the Pacific Islands with seat fares, a full beverage service, including our wine offering, is available to purchase with credit cards or Airpoints Dollars™.

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Flight map

The flight maps on inflight entertainment show you where you are, as well as interesting facts like outside temperature, speed and time to destination. Before you fly, use our route maps to explore the full extent of our network.

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Join on board - Airpoints™

You can join our Air New Zealand loyalty programme either before you board your flight or on board from the comfort of your seat. See the full benefits of our Airpoints programme.

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Seat Chat

Seat Chat lets you message and chat with friends and family members on board your flight, without leaving your seat. 

Important information

We hope you enjoy the entertainment we have on offer on board our aircraft. We'd like to remind you that on board is an open space so please use your judgment when viewing content that might also be seen by a child seated near you. Some of our content is not suitable for all ages, and details of our classification system can be found below. A parental lock is also available. Air New Zealand will not be responsible for unauthorised access of age-restricted programmes. Because the viewing of programmes on other passenger's screens in the cabin cannot be prevented, Air New Zealand accepts no responsibility for any footage or audio viewed or heard.

Parental lock

When you are on board you are able to place a restriction on the programmes a young passenger can access. Please speak to your flight attendant who can help you place this lock.

Ratings information

The content of the movies has been classified according to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) or equivalent. For details please see








Parental guidance recommended 




Parents strongly cautioned - some content may be inappropriate for children under 13 




Restricted - under 17 years requires accompanying parent or adult guardian

* Some seats have monitors stowed in the arm of their seat rather than the back of the seat in front of them. For safety reasons, these monitors must be stowed for taxi, take-off and landing. This means you can still listen to music during these times of the flights, but as your monitor needs to be stowed, you won't be able to watch a movie, etc., until crew advise your screen can be deployed.