The Air NZ mobile app

With the Air NZ mobile app, you can manage your travel on the move, use your phone as a ticket and easily track your Airpoints™ balance.

Download the Air NZ mobile app

Show proof of vaccination status in the Air NZ mobile app.

Turn your phone into your ticket

  • Add a flight booking to your Airpoints profile
  • Scan your digital boarding pass at a kiosk to print tags for your bags
  • If under one booking, hold boarding passes for your group (up to 9 people)
  • Use your boarding pass for Air New Zealand lounge access 
  • Use your device to present your boarding pass during boarding 
  • Instantly access all flight details including your flight reference number, cabin class and flight duration
  • Share your flight details with family and friends

Airpoints in the Air NZ mobile app.

Airpoints members - your Airpoints Dollars™, Status Points and Shairpoints™ at a glance

  • View your profile, points balance and recent activity
  • Track your Status Points earn to see when you'll reach the next tier
  • Add your passport details for quicker check-in. You'll also receive an alert if it's due to expire 
  • Access and use your digital Airpoints card with Airpoints partners to earn more Airpoints Dollars
  • Save a payment card such as an Airpoints earning credit card for payments and earn Airpoints Dollars

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