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What is my AWB number?

When you send cargo with Air New Zealand or one of our agents, you complete an Air Waybill. It outlines your shipment's contents and details.

Your Air Waybill (AWB) then gets a unique number, to make it easy to identify and track your shipment.

You can find your AWB number on your cargo documents. It should also appear on any messages we send you about your shipment.

Enter the three-digit airline code (086) along with the eight-digit air waybill number (example: 086 12345678) for the shipment you would like to track.

It's important to keep your Air Waybill documents secure. They cover our agreement for transporting your goods, including payment, handling, shipment and delivery.

For the fastest delivery time, we sometimes send cargo on other airlines. If your code starts with something other than 086, track your cargo here instead.

Whilst we always strive to offer a faultless service, sometimes things can go wrong. If you have an air waybill number and cannot track your cargo, please email our service recovery team to assist.