Important notices for international travellers

Carriage and services performed by and on behalf of Air New Zealand Limited are subject to:

  • The conditions and information on your e-ticket, itinerary and boarding pass
  • Air New Zealand's conditions of carriage
  • The fare rules that apply to your ticket
  • Air New Zealand's oral or written directions

This document gives you an outline of some of the detail in Air New Zealand's conditions of carriage. You can read our conditions of carriage or for more information, call 0800 737 000 within New Zealand.

International carriage - limitations to our liability

If your destination is in a different country or if your journey includes a stop in a different country, the Montreal Convention or its predecessor the Warsaw Convention may apply to your entire journey. We apply the provisions of the Montreal Convention when we transport passengers and their baggage by air. These Conventions govern our liability for death or bodily injury, loss of or damage to your baggage, and delays.

These limits are defined in IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDR), a measure of value.

Where the Montreal Convention applies, our liability is limited as follows:

  • Death or bodily injury: There is no financial limit to our liability
  • Checked-in baggage: Our maximum liability for destruction, loss, damage or delay is 1,131 SDR1. If your baggage has a higher value, tell us when you check-in and pay any extra fees that may apply, or ensure it is fully insured
  • Delay: Our maximum liability for a delay to your journey is 4,694 SDR2

Other airlines you travel with on this journey may have different conditions of carriage or limits on their liability. Their conditions, regulations and tariffs are, by this notice, incorporated by reference into and made part of your contract of carriage.

Nothing in this section affects or limits any rights you may have under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

Your baggage

High-value items and baggage

If your baggage contains items with a valuation higher than our standard liability, you can either insure your baggage separately or, on certain articles, declare an excess valuation.

We may apply extra charges for checked baggage in excess of the permitted allowance.

If you are travelling on more than one airline with your baggage, each airline may apply different rules on baggage (both checked and unchecked).

Liquids, aerosols and gels in your carry-on baggage

Refer to your itinerary or visit our website for important information regarding restrictions on liquids, aerosols and gels in carry-on baggage. This includes frozen liquids and gels.

Unacceptable items in your checked-in baggage

Some items should not be carried in checked-in baggage. We will only let you travel with them as carry-on baggage:

  • Computers and computer equipment
  • Special value items such as money, jewellery, precious metals, silverware and valuable documents
  • Electrical and electronic devices, cameras, video cameras and related equipment
  • Fragile, delicate or perishable goods
  • Commercial goods, samples or business documents
  • Travel documents
  • Items we deem too heavy, large or unmanageable
  • Items with insufficient packaging to withstand normal handling and flight

Unless otherwise specified by the Montreal Convention, carrying any of these items in your checked baggage, with or without our knowledge, is at your own risk.

Dangerous articles in baggage

Visit our baggage page to see the items you must not pack in your checked-in or carry-on baggage.

You must not bring any of the listed hazardous items aboard the aircraft, including firearms or other weapons, fireworks or flammable liquids.

Time limit for action

You must bring any court action to claim damages within two years of the date of arrival of your aircraft, or the date on which it was scheduled to have arrived.

If your baggage is delayed, damaged or lost, please contact our Baggage Services Office at your airport for immediate assistance. Alternatively, contact us in writing within the following time frames:

Contact us before: 

Checked-in baggage 


21 days
after delivery


Seven days
after expected delivery date 


Seven days
after delivery

Contact us before: 

Carry-on baggage 




Seven days after flight 


Seven days after flight

If we provide a transport service for cargo or baggage on behalf of another carrier, we do so only as agent for the other carrier.

Other important information for passengers

Minimum check-in and boarding times

Your flight departure time is not the same as your check-in time, or the time you must be available for boarding.

  • Your final check-in time for Air New Zealand flights is noted in your itinerary
  • Your final boarding time for Air New Zealand flights will be advised at the airport
  • Your flight time may change at any time due to weather or other issues

Please check your flight times on the day of your travel at our arrivals and departures page.

We do not accept any liability for your failure to comply with minimum check-in or boarding times.

International travel documents

When travelling internationally you must carry all necessary travel documents. This may include:

  • Passport
  • An NZeTA for travelling to or through New Zealand
  • An ESTA for travelling to or through the USA
  • An eTA for travelling to or through Canada
  • A visa for any countries you visit, if required
  • Any other documents

If you do not have all necessary documents we will not be able to let you board your aircraft.

If you are leaving, entering or transiting Canada on or before 15 December 2019:

Canadian law applies to all or part of your journey. If you are denied boarding or your baggage is lost or damaged, you may be entitled to certain standards of treatment and compensation under Canadian Air Passenger Protection Regulations. For more information about your passenger rights please contact Air New Zealand or visit the Canadian Transportation Agency.

If you are leaving, entering or transiting Canada after 15 December 2019:

Canadian law applies to all or part of your journey. If you are denied boarding, your flight is cancelled or delayed for at least two hours, or your baggage is lost or damaged, you may be entitled to certain standards of treatment and compensation under Canadian Air Passenger Protection Regulations. For more information about your passenger rights please contact Air New Zealand or visit the Canadian Transportation Agency.

Privacy and data protection notice

Your carrier will process your personal data in accordance with its privacy policy. If you book your travel through a reservation system provider ('GDS'), its privacy policy will apply. You can view these policies at IATA Travel Centre or directly from your carrier or GDS. You should read this documentation, which applies to your booking and specifies, for example, how your personal data is collected, stored, used, disclosed and transferred.

Air New Zealand may disclose passenger information to government agencies and departments, if lawfully requested. Disclosures may include the transfer of your personal information between countries. We also collect passenger information for other travel-related purposes and may disclose certain details to other parties in accordance with our privacy policy. Read our privacy statement for more information.

Denied boarding by overbooking

Our flights may be overbooked, and there is a chance your seat will not be available even if you have a confirmed reservation. In many countries, you will not be denied a seat until our personnel ask for volunteers to give up their reservation in exchange for appropriate compensation. If there are not enough volunteers, we will apply our boarding priority policy. With few exceptions, including failure to comply with our check-in deadline prior to each flight segment, anyone denied boarding will be entitled to compensation.

The rules for payment of compensation and our boarding priorities are available at all airport ticket counters and boarding locations. Some airlines do not apply these consumer protections to travel from some foreign countries, although other consumer protections may be available. Check with your airline or your travel agent.

Government imposed taxes and fees

All government taxes, fees and charges on your travel are either included in your fare, or specified separately in your receipt. You must pay any taxes, fees or charges not already collected.

Add-ons and payment

If you have booked additional travel services such as preferred seats, hotel bookings or transfers, we will list them on your receipt with a corresponding receipt number.

The receipt number represents an IATA 'Electronic Miscellaneous Document' for miscellaneous charges.

If your Electronic Miscellaneous Document is for transportation, or services other than passenger air transportation, specific terms and conditions may apply. They may be provided separately or obtained from the issuing company or agent on request.